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Q!? by anime86fan
Queen screams in agony, defeated by our hero/ine. As Queen collapses onto the ground, slightly twitching as she reverts back to her default form, a crack could be heard. Our hero/ine cautiously approached Queen, buster/weapon still aimed at her. Suddenly, 2 Quick Slashers sliced onto the scene, our hero/ine barely dodging the attack. A familiar figure teleports in.

"You who hesitates, loses the war!"

Q!? (It seems that Q was further upgraded after her second defeat...) Q teleports out with Queen, and the space fortress starts to self-destruct. Our hero/ine managed to teleport out, and with the help of space-mode Rusuh/Purity, s/he managed to escape the ensuring explosion. As our hero/ine make the trip back to the planet, s/he can't help but wonder...

Who is Queen? Why did she start a rebellion? Was Dr. Wily II truly gone?

... All these questions... Where are the answers?
And that's the end of "borockman RPM World 1: The rise of Queen!?".
Until next time?
QMN-000 Queen by anime86fan
QMN-000 Queen
As a series of explosions rock the Bloody Mary from the damage dealt by our hero/ine, Queen teleports out just as the Bloody Mary explodes, temporarily blinding our hero/ine. As the dust settles, Queen stands a short distance away...

"To think... You managed to come this far... You even managed to destroy my Bloody Mary!! You... Will... PAY!!"
Name: Queen

Designation: Robot Mistress? (QMN-000)

Background: A mysterious Robot Mistress that appeared one day in RPM City, and proclaimed to take control. Nothing is really known about Queen, except that some civilians have mistaken her for a RPM citizen... And died for saying so.

In her neutral mode, she appears as in the first sprite. In battle, she adopts the form as seen in the second sprite. A purplish energy blade is her main weapon, the cross shape helps in catching/blocking weapons, and still be able to maim enemies at the same time. Being a swordswoman, Queen can use her blade for triple slash combos, aerial spins which can also create energy blades that fly out, blade uppercuts, and even charging energy into the blade to do a charged slash shockwave, or to stab the charged blade into the ground to erupt energy pillars at enemies. Queen could also erase small energy shots when slashing.

If she somehow was pinned into submission, Queen can go into an Overdrive mode, as seen in the third sprite. In this mode, Queen fully heals up, and goes into an almost primal frenzy, her attacks are more powerful from being fueled by the frenzy, but also, a bit erratic.
(Queen will engage our hero/ine in the second sprite form, one full healthbar. When it looked like Queen is down to her last unit of health, an E-Tank appears, Queen instantly recovers to full health, and then appears in the third sprite form.)

Character: Likes to be in control

Weakness: Because she built the QMNs, Queen has all knowledge of the Master Weapons and Quick Slasher, and can easily counter them...
(Although she can erase small energy shots... She can't erase fully-charged energy shots...)
Sprites used from Sprites' Inc.
Concept from my evil mind...
Bloody Mary, part 2 by anime86fan
Bloody Mary, part 2
Continued from Bloody Mary, part 1:

After a pattern of attacks, the skull would open up, and those eyes would spawn spikes, and drop them down onto the field. Get hit, and it's an instant OHKO. The Bloody Mary will move left and right of the field, hoping to rain death upon our hero/ine. After which, the skull will close back, and revert to the cannonballs, and spiral shots.
(The way the spikes are rained down are in a pattern, and there are safe spots.)

With the QMN's Mistress Weapons in mind, Queen had made the Bloody Mary invincible to them... And made the Bloody Mary with 2 full healthbars...
(The Bloody Mary is indeed immune to all the Mistress Weapons, and even the default peashooter. As if it was shielded... Quick Slasher can bypass the shielding...)
Sprites used from Sprites' Inc
Concept from my evil mind...
Bloody Mary, part 1 by anime86fan
Bloody Mary, part 1
As Holy Devil disappears into the darkness in defeat, the ground beneath our hero/ine gave way, landing in a room, with 8 familiar teleporter tubes.

After GAUNTLET, a 9th teleporter tube appeared, and our hero/ine knew what to expect... S/He was teleported into a dark room, with glaring red eyes...
Our hero/ine comes face-to-face with Queen's personal Machine, the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary has crushed many a Le Resistance, as evidenced by the bloody spikes at the bottom of the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary will usually stay in the air, hovering over our hero/ine, waiting for the chance to drop onto him/her, resulting in massive damage. To complicate matters for our hero/ine, the Bloody Mary can fire cannonballs from the top cannons, and spiral homing shots from the 4 side cannons. And there is one more secret to the Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary, part 2!!
Sprites used from Sprites' Inc
Concept from my evil mind...
QMN-FB001 Holy Devil by anime86fan
QMN-FB001 Holy Devil
As our hero/ine lands the final blow on Q, Q's face-mask breaks apart as she screams in pain. With a bit of blood trickling down from her forehead, she cursed under her breath as she teleports out.

Queen then teleports in.

"So... Even Q in her Powered mode still cannot defeat you... Why must you be so persistent! I guess I have to take care of you myself!"

Queen points upward, and our hero/ine finds him/herself being forcefully teleported out. When s/he reawakens, s/he finds him/herself in a space fortress... And the usual minor enemies. Passing spikes, pits, disappearing blocks, and a gate appears.
Name: Holy Devil

Designation: Fortress Boss (QMN-FB001)

Background: A design loosely based on the Brick White Devil ZERO, the Holy Devil does not have the sentience of the Brick White, nor the huge appetite. Although, it was created with an evolving core system...
The Holy Devil is always hovering, and just like all Devils before it, it can break up into smaller globs of itself, and then fired off at enemies. It can always fire a short range laser from its mono-eye. Also like previous Devils, it is vunerable only if its mono-eye is opened.


Weakness: So holy...
(Counter light... With DARKNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS from Dark Field.)
Sprites used from Sprites' Inc
Concept from my evil mind...
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Hi all,

So... It has been a long while since I updated.
Just a small update.
My borockman series here has now been renamed as the borockman RPM series. It's to differentiate from :iconborockman:'s borockman series, since he has 8 RMs now.

borockman RPM 1: The rise of Dr. Wily II!!
borockman RPM 2: A grand scheme!!
borockman RPM 3: The return of DWII!!
borockman RPM 4: Taste of revenge!!
borockman RPM 5: The fall of DWII!?
borockman RPM 6: The mysterious Mr. P!!
borockman RPM 7: Dr. Ira's deception!?
borockman RPM 8: Pollution delusion!!
borockman RPM 9: Robo-Ky's rebellion!!
borockman RPM 10: The final showdown!?

And I have made progress into the first borockman RPM World entry.

borockman RPM World 1: The rise of Queen!?


Member of :iconharuka-fanclub:


AKA Dr. Wily II (on RPM)
Current Residence: Singapore
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Personal Quote: Ph.D in World Domination

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